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The View for Pastors/Leaders: What do you need to know to launch at your own church?

This workshop will offer church leaders a "50,000" foot view of how to begin engaging the Muslim community in your neighborhood. Catch the vision, discover outreach opportunities in your neighborhood and survey effective methods to reach Muslims who are already in your community.

Exploring Islam: is Islam a religion of peace?

Is Islam a religion of peace? What exactly do Muslims believe? Do Muslims worship the same God as Christians? What do they believe about Jesus? Come learn the essentials about the world’s fastest growing religion.

Going Deeper: Trinity and other objections to the Gospel

Learn about specific doctrines that may be difficult to explain from a Muslim worldview. Do you know the reason why Muslims do not understand Trinity or the need of a Savior? Do you know they have a different understanding of sin and salvation? In this session we will learn about Theology, Hamartiology, Christology, and Soteriology as it pertains to Islamic scholarship. (Essentially, it will cover extra Quranic as well as extra biblical literature to discover an appropriate response.)

Going Deeper: Quranic Bridging for One-to-One discipleship

The way to reach a Muslim person’s heart and mind is through the Holy book of Islam, the Qur’an. What does the Qur’an teach about the Bible, the God of the Bible, Christ, and His resurrection? This session will focus on Quranic claims and Islamic interpretation of specific verses to bridge the gap and to introduce a Muslim friend to the God of the Bible. (Essentially answering questions from the Qur’an)

Answering Muslim Objections to the Gospel

Muslims have common questions and objections concerning Christianity, learn what they are and be prepared to give an answer. Specifically, this session will address ways to respond to common questions from Muslims that include: “Doesn’t Jesus say in the Bible that Mohammed is coming after him?,” “Isn’t the Bible corrupted?” and “Why do you believe in multiple gods and that God could have a son?”. Also, the speaker will address the Qur'an’s role in evangelism. (Essentially answering questions from the Bible).

Sharing the Gospel within an Honor/Shame & Power/Fear Worldview

Exposing the cultural dynamics that inform the Muslim worldview. Honor, shame, power and fear are the filters through which much of the world understands religion and spiritual matters. Learn how these cultural dynamics can impact Muslim outreach/evangelism.


1. Street Evangelism

2. Community Center Ministries

3. Reaching Muslims on Campus

4. Questions about Islam that I didn’t know who to ask…

5. Identifying My Personal Evangelism Opportunities

6. Working with Muslim Families

7. Evangelizing among My Muslim Coworkers

8. Working with Muslims from around the Globe


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Panel for Pastors: What’s working for Pastors/Practitioners and how to move forward?

In this panel discussion, meet church leaders who are doing it. Review specific resources available to help you launch. Learn how to initiate Muslim outreach in your congregation and how your congregation will benefit in the process. The workshop ends with exercises to plan your next steps

Entering Muslim Prayer Spaces

How to enter into Muslim spaces (ex., a Muslim Prayer Room on campus or in your neighborhood) to build trust with community leaders and members. How to identify and reach people of peace within their communities. This model can been can be applied to campus and other communities.

Taxis, Bodegas and Laundromats: Intentionally Engaging Your Muslim Neighbor

Our paths intersect with Muslims every day. Maybe they’re a colleague, neighbor, driving a taxi, or taking your order at the local corner bodega. Theoretical and theological knowledge only go so far; at some point, we have to strike up a conversation. This workshop is for those wanting tangible and practical tools, tips and conversation starters on intentionally engaging the Muslims we cross paths with every day with the love of Christ.

Using Social Media as an Outreach Tool

Sometimes social media gets a bad wrap…but it can be used for redemptive purposes. Unlike other forms of outreach, with social media you remain home yet directly engage people around the world. Learn how you can use social media to intentionally further the Gospel.

Hospitality as an Outreach Tool

Exercising hospitality is an important social custom among most traditional cultures. It can also be a valuable way to befriend our neighbors, show the genuine Love of God and allow our Muslim neighbors to see our faith in action. The holidays present an opportune time to open your home and learn about hospitality as an outreach tool.

Going Deeper: Setting Your Next Steps, Coaching to Launch

Recommended for repeat attendees, those actively engaged in Muslim outreach and those wondering “what’s next Lord?” This workshop will equip you with some practical tools to refine your evangelistic skills in your everyday interactions. Implement these tools individually, in a small group, or on a team. You can reach Muslims for Jesus Christ!

From Curse to Cross: A Practical Way to Share Jesus

Learn how to explain Jesus' story of redemption and the power of the Cross from a Muslim worldview.

How your concept of God shapes your prayers for Muslim Outreach

In a brief survey of Scripture focusing on the Book of Acts, see who God is, who we are, what the Lord has called us to do and how to pray in/for His world. This workshop will conclude with guided prayer in groups of two.

How to Disciple People with a Muslims Background

Learn how and when to start discipling a person with a Muslim background, review a step-by-step approach, learn what to expect and how to respond to challenges.

Starting an English as Second Language (ESL) program for Muslims

Learn how to start an ESL program in your community and how this simple tool can tangibly impact the lives students, immigrants and refugees.

Telling Stories that Draw Muslims to Jesus

Learn how Bible stories can be used in every day conversation and applied for outreach/evangelism to Muslims.

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