How to engage Muslims and answer their questions?

Muslims have common questions and objections concerning Christianity, learn what they are and be prepared to give an answer.  Specifically, this session will address ways to respond to common questions from Muslims that include: “Doesn’t Jesus say in the Bible that Mohammed is coming after him?,” “Isn’t the Bible corrupted?” and “Why do you believe in multiple gods and that God could have a son?”.  Also, the speaker will address the Quran’s role in evangelism.  

Workshops Featuring:

  • English speaker/presenter confirmed.
  • A. Prins of EMM (En Español)

How teaching English serves as a tool to reach Muslims?

Based on a decade of experience in establishing community centers and English programs for Muslims and peoples of other faiths, our speakers will share practical advice on how to start similar programs.  They will discuss how God has used relationships built through their respective organizations and outreaches to share the love of Christ with Muslims in word and deed. 

Workshops Featuring:

  • Experienced teacher and creator of English programs and learning centers
  • Representative from Urban Nations Outreach

Building Faith-Based Relationships with Muslim Women.

Muslim women are the doorkeepers of the Muslim household. They are revered as mothers but watched very carefully as sisters, daughters, and wives. Many of them struggle with relational conflict & cross-cultural stress. This workshop will focus on: some of the key challenges that Muslim women face in the western society; how a faith based relationship can play a vital role to minister to Muslim women as they navigate cross-cultural issues; and how to share (Christ’s) unique message of forgiveness that can bring healing and reconciliation in their lives and in their families. 

Workshops Featuring:

  • Panel Discussion with women from Urban Nations Outreach and Global Gates including a Muslim Background Believer
  • Panel Discussion with Middle Eastern believers and locally based missionaries

How to reach Muslim students through ChristianMuslim Dialogue on Campus?

Muslim-Christian Dialogue – is an effective tool for Christian and Muslim students to exchange views on religious topics such as sin, marriage, modesty, prayer, and more. Muslim international students are arriving from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and all over the world.  Their presence creates a brief opportunity to engage individuals who are part of the next generation of  leaders in their respective countries.  Come and hear how this tool has developed and grown at a local campus. We will look at best practices to show love, form relationships and engage in spiritual conversation with these spiritually open students. 

Workshops Featuring:

  • A representative from International Students Inc. (ISI)
  • A Protestant Chaplain Affiliate and a campus staff worker for International Students Inc. (ISI) who has been involved with”MuCh”, a student-led Muslim-Christian dialogue club. Plus a graduate student and RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) Academy apologist who has been serving in ministry for the last four years.

Mobilizing your church to love Muslim neighbors.

As the Muslim population continues to grow in NYC and in the United States of America, it has become a critical need for every church to engage Muslims with the love of Christ in truth. In this workshop you will learn ways to educate your congregation, to advocate for Muslim outreach, to build a passion in your church to reach Muslims around you and to love our neighbor as our Lord has commanded (Mark 12:31, Matthew 22:39). 

Workshops Featuring:

  • Local Pastor with a heart and ministry for Muslims (En Español)
  • Panel Discussion with representative from Encountering Islam, an author with almost 20 years of experience with cross-cultural missions, plus two local pastors

Reaching AfricanAmerican and CaribbeanAmerican Muslims.

Muslim beliefs and practices change from a region to a region. It is also true when it comes to African-American and Caribbean-American Muslims who are the largest groups of Muslims in the New York City metro area.  They have their ethnic, racial, and religious identities that need to be understood before any attempt to evangelize them. This workshop is designed for this very purpose with speakers specialized in reaching African-American and Caribbean-American Muslims. 

Workshops Featuring:

  • Local Missions Pastor with years of experience reaching out to African-American and Caribbean-American Muslims in NYC

Prayer based ministry for Muslims.

In this workshop you will learn about: “praying on site with insight” through prayer walking; the importance of praying publicly with Muslims; and stories of how God has used prayer to open doors into Muslims’ lives.   Prayer based ministry means that any of us can mightily participate in the work of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit despite closed doors or hearts. 

Workshops Featuring:

  • Intercessory Missionary and Director of Missions & Evangelism at a local congregation

How to witness to your family members who are Muslims?

We all have friends and family members who are Muslims; and this session is designed for believers who have family members who are Muslim.  The session will be a panel discussion with believers from a Muslim background and those who have discipled believers from a Muslim background.  They will discuss how they have dealt with issues relating to being a witness to family members.

Workshops Featuring:

  • Panel Discussions including Missionaries with Muslim family members and Muslim Background Believers