Who’s Story Are You Telling?

Kate McCord worked in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2013 as a Christian humanitarian aid worker. She learned the local language and developed deep and lasting friendships with local Afghans. Prior to moving to Afghanistan, Ms. McCord worked in the international corporate community as a business process and strategy consultant.

Ms. McCord is the author of “Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places”, “In the Land of Blue Burqas”, and “Farewell Four Waters”, all published by Moody Publishers.  She can be found on the web at www.storytellerkm.com.

Currently, Kate serves Christ through writing, speaking, and providing spiritual direction.  She was a plenary speaker for the 2016 Heart for Muslim Conference.  Kate talks about Jesus’ presence in the midst of her relationships and time spent in Afghanistan.  Listen and hear Kate’s story, the stories of the Afghans that she met and how Jesus’ story transforms our own stories.



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Dr. A. Javed is Author of The Muslim Next Door, and the co-founder of The Heart For Muslims, an annual conference in New York City that focuses on eliminating fear of Islam and promoting love for Muslims. He blogs regularly at Voice For Truth, and pastors a church in Midtown Manhattan where he also teaches at New York School of the Bible.