Speakers-Heart For Muslims Conference, 2017 NYC


TONY WEEDOR was born in the West African state of Liberia, a small country founded by freed slaves from America in July of 1847. He became a Christian in the early ‘80s through the ministries of Serving In Mission (SIM), working in Bomi Hills as an Evangelist and church planter. He graduated from the African Bible College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies, with an emphasis in Radio Broad-casting. In August of ‘88 he was appointed Director of Muslim Ministries for West Africa with SIM. In 1989, when the Liberian civil war broke out, he and his family walked for one year to La Cote d’Voire to escape. They lived as refugees in a camp for three and a half years.
He came to the States in 1993 to study at the Denver Theological Seminary earning a Master of Divinity. After graduation, he and his family moved to Ethiopia as missionaries with SIM. He spent more than four years ministering among pastors and teaching about Islam in the Horn of Africa, Church History and New Testament Studies. He also taught about the doctrine of Islam at the Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2006, he returned to Denver Seminary as an Adjunct Professor in the Philosophy department and continued work with SIM as research director on Islam.
He began his doctoral studies in Philosophy in 2014 which is still in progress.

ELIZABETH FAHN-WEEDOR is a speaker and missionary serving with Advancing Native Missions, located in Afton, Virginia. Beth was born in Liberia into a Muslim family, but be-came a Christian through the influence of a missionary. Elizabeth attended Seminary in Denver and later served for four and a half years in Ethiopia with her husband. Together they have four beautiful children. Because of their dedication and remarkable work in mis-sions, they were awarded the Conway/Maxwell Memorial Missions award from Denver Seminary.
Her first article, “The Changing Face of SIM” was published in the mission’s Intercom in issue 158, July-August or 2002. She is now an effective advocate for women who have been victims of sexual harassments and abuse, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and FGM (female genital mutilation).
Beth is the author of Out of the Ashes – My Journey from Tragedy to Redemption. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Petals of Hope; a ministry which affects im-poverished girls, families and communities for Christ in Liberia by creating opportunities for holistic education and establishing safe houses for victims of gender-based violence and trafficking.


BEHRANG comes from the city of Qom, Iran, which is like the Vatican for Shia Islam. And he’s a Seyed, which means his family is believed to be descended from the prophet Mohammad.
Behrang was trained as a medical doctor and worked in the emergency room for six years inside Iran.
His testimony includes remarkable things like visions and encounters with Jesus, which led him to leave work as a medical doctor to serve Jesus.
Behrang was one of the first Iranians to graduate from Elam’s three-month leadership course in evangelism and church planting back in 2005. He has become a key leader in Elam’s efforts to foster a culture of evangelism and discipleship within the Persian-speaking church. Read about how Behrang came to faith.


FRONT LINE MISSIONARIES will present an effective, practical method to share the Gospel. The presentation will include time to practice and time for questions.

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Dr. A. Javed is Author of The Muslim Next Door, and the co-founder of The Heart For Muslims, an annual conference in New York City that focuses on eliminating fear of Islam and promoting love for Muslims. He blogs regularly at Voice For Truth, and pastors a church in Midtown Manhattan where he also teaches at New York School of the Bible.

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