Keynote Speaker-2ND PLENARY 10:30 AM- Dr. Behrang

BEHRANG comes from the city of Qom, Iran, which is like the Vatican for Shia Islam. And he’s a Seyed, which means his family is believed to be descended from the prophet Mohammad.
Behrang was trained as a medical doctor and worked in the emergency room for six years inside Iran.
His testimony includes remarkable things like visions and encounters with Jesus, which led him to leave work as a medical doctor to serve Jesus.
Behrang was one of the first Iranians to graduate from Elam’s three-month leadership course in evangelism and church planting back in 2005. He has become a key leader in Elam’s efforts to foster a culture of evangelism and discipleship within the Persian-speaking church. Read about how Behrang came to faith.

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Dr. A. Javed is Author of The Muslim Next Door, and the co-founder of The Heart For Muslims, an annual conference in New York City that focuses on eliminating fear of Islam and promoting love for Muslims. He blogs regularly at Voice For Truth, and pastors a church in Midtown Manhattan where he also teaches at New York School of the Bible.