Insights to Cross-Cultural Ministry

One of the things people sometimes presume is that learning about ministry to Muslims is only helpful when ministering to Muslims.  Many of the topics and insights from the conference are generally helpful for cross-cultural ministry.

If you are interested in ministry to Muslims or cross-cultural ministry in general, the following presentations may provide you with great insight.  The presentations are from a previous Heart for Muslims Conference.  For your convenience, each excerpt is edited to less than 8 minutes of the original, longer presentations.  Tony Weedor will be one of the plenary speakers for the 2017 Heart for Muslims Conference.


  1. Tony Weedor – Topic: Overcoming Cultural Barriers for Loving and Engaging with Muslims
  2. Chris Clayman –  Topic: Jonah Presentation – The Reluctant Messenger




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Dr. A. Javed is Author of The Muslim Next Door, and the co-founder of The Heart For Muslims, an annual conference in New York City that focuses on eliminating fear of Islam and promoting love for Muslims. He blogs regularly at Voice For Truth, and pastors a church in Midtown Manhattan where he also teaches at New York School of the Bible.